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Course Overview

CCNA Exam in Egypt

CCNA Routing & Switching

CCNA exam preparation course is the CISCO Discovery program provides general networking theory, practical network experience and opportunities for candidates at many education levels with all types of institutions & technical community organizations.

This course prepare for ccna exam &   is designed for those with basic PC & IT skills. The CCNA exam  course helps prepare candidates for entry-level career opportunities, continuing education . It is globally-recognized Cisco CCENT and CCNA certifications.


The CCNA exam makes you a solid also well-rounded network engineer. Since the exam not only gives you a certificate, it trains you in multiple levels and areas regarding the ability to work with routed and switched networks.

The core skills tested are:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Operation
  • Troubleshooting

Leaning Benefits:

This course  certification enhances candidates’ credibility to manage CISCO networking devices within organizations as well as greatly improve Job prospects.

The training imparts practical  relevant and job-ready skills which are in demand in the industry. in conclusion enterprise  companies like Cisco, British telecom, Orange telecom, Accenture, Nokia, Siemens, Dimension data, IBM, VM Ware, EMC2 always have demand for  CCNA Routing and Switching certified networking professionals.

CISCO Training develops  foundation  IT skills in ICT   while acquiring vital 21st-century career skills in problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.


Who should attend ?

The course is ideal for IT technicians and entry-level engineers seeking to advance their career in the networking field. Also another audience like Network Specialists, Network Administrators, Network Engineers, System Engineers, Network Support Specialists, Network Administrators, Network Consultants .


This Package includes training on real CISCO devices to ensure you will gain the targeted skills and experience.

Exclusive Course Fees:

Whether you are an individual seeking for CCNA Course for your self-development or a decision maker planning to introduce CCNA Training for multiple candidates. You will find special offers monthly and annually with fixed courses schedule & also special bundles for more than one course.


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Course Outline

  • Building a Simple Network.
  • Describe network fundamentals and build simple LANs.
  • Describe IPv6 basics.
  • Troubleshoot VLAN issues, explain how STP works, configure Ether Channel, and understand the idea behind Layer 3 redundancy.
  • Establishing Internet Connectivity.
  • Managing Network Device Security.
  • Introducing IPv6 Building a Medium-Sized Network.
  • Troubleshooting Basic Connectivity Wide Area Networks.
  • Implementing an EIGRP-Based Solution.
  • SNMP, syslog and NetFlow, and manage Cisco device configurations, IOS images, and licenses.
  • Implementing a Scalable OSPF-Based Solution Network Device Management.
  • Course ID: ICND1 - ICND2
  • Related Exams: 200-125
  • Duration: 80 Hours
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